We love to partner with people to help spread the word about worthy products that are a great fit with the Tipsy Nerds Book Club podcast. We are especially interested in the following products:

The Tipsy Nerds love to spread the word about lovingly crafted products.

The Tipsy Nerds love to spread the word about lovingly crafted products.

  • Craft liquors, mixers and other cocktail related items. Small batch, independent distillery.

  • Independently published or small press Fantasy or Science Fiction books of exceptional quality.

Advertising Opportunities

There are several different ways that Tipsy Nerds Book Club can help spread the word (and love for) your product.

  1. Pre-recorded ads for your product at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of our podcast. You can purchase one, two or all three such spots for one episode or more. Discounts are given when multiple ads are ordered for one episode, and even steeper discounts when ads are purchased for multiple episodes at once.

  2. Ads placed as a sidebar on our website or at bottom of our page.

  3. Placement of your product in our monthly curated Patreon subscription box.

  4. If your product is a cocktail related product, we will include your small batch/craft-made liquor in the recipe for an episode. Your liquor will be mentioned by name in the written recipe posted on our site, as well as discussed at the beginning of the episode during the segment in which we discuss our featured beverage for the episode. The liquor will also be mentioned across all social media for the week of the episode.

Please note: For liquors or other cocktail ingredients, it’s important to the integrity of the Tipsy Nerds (and ultimately to the power of our advertising) that we like the taste and functionality of your product. Thus, we reserve the right to refuse the advertising request if the product does not meet our quality standards, is not delicious, or is otherwise not something we can enthusiastically recommend to our listeners.

How to Submit Request for Advertising

Ready to use the power of the Tipsy Nerds to spread the word for your product?

Simply email the Tipsy Nerds with your request. In the subject line include “Advertising Query”. In the body of the email include the following:

  • Name of your product

  • Type of Product

  • Whether you are willing to provide complimentary samples to the two Tipsy Nerds (or if a book, will you provide an ebook or paper copy for review)

  • Links to website, social media or other places where we can learn more about your product

  • What’s special about your product?

If the Tipsy Nerds determine that your product looks like a good fit for our show, we’ll provide a current rate card as well as details about how to proceed and current schedule of when your product will likely hit rotation in the show schedule.

Sample Costs

Though rate cards change from time-to-time as the TNBC podcast gains listeners, this is an example of a typical rate card:

15-20 second pre-recorded sponsorship at the beginning of the episode — $18.00

20-30 second pre-recorded sponsorship at the end of the episode — $13.00

60-90 second pre-recorded sponsorship/endorsement in the middle of the episode — $23.00

All three slots for one episode — $45

NOTE: Batch Order Discounts Available. Inquire about current discounts and current rate cards by emailing the Tipsy Nerds here.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: While TNBC podcast may have up two to three sponsors at the beginning and end of the episode, there is only one sponsor slot available in the middle section of the show.